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The App

PinnyWise is a digital shadowbox, custom-made for your Pinny Arcade pin collection. The app makes it easy and fun to track, organize and display your pins. Once your pins are arranged in the app, it's easy to track which pins you're still trying to get, where/how to get them, and which pins you have extra to trade with. The app is automatically updated as new pins are announced.

PinnyWise is free, and version 3.1 is available now on the iOS App Store. I'd love to hear any feedback, suggestions, or feature requests on twitter @pinnywise.

Pinny Wise is not endorsed by, or affiliated in any way with Penny Arcade - the creators and manufacturers of Pinny Arcade pins. To buy pins, and for more information about Pinny Arcade, check out www.penny-arcade.com/pinny-arcade.

Download on the iOS App Store


The below items are available from Amazon to help display, protect, and enjoy your pins. These are just helpful links - PinnyWise doesn't manufacture or sell these items, though I do think they're great and simple solutions to help protect your pins. FYI these are affiliate links and purchasing through them is much appreciated and will help support PinnyWise development.

Shadowbox w/Burlap

Burlap backed shadow box. 11"x14", plenty of space for pins, badges, patches, etc.

Large Display Case

Jumbo display case - 24" x 15", that's 360 sq inches of pin space.

Binder Pages

These felt-covered pin pages fit into any three ring binder, giving you a great, portable way to organize and share your pins.

Cleaning Cloth

This dual-layer cleaning cloth is meant for gold and silver, but will polish up your pins to look brand new.

Pin List

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